At Galore Motors we believe in a sustainable and value oriented way of working

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Creating positive impact

People drive change

Everything begins with our amazing team. With a strong company culture fostering diversity in the workforce and integrity, good working conditions for our workers are never compromised.

Our people

moving towards a circular economy

Pursuing our economical objectives  should never compromise the health of our planet. Reusing our resources is a key step in creating a sustainable future.


Going electric

We work tirelessly to ensure an electric future both in our products and in our  daily operations. Protecting our world  from climate change is at the front of all decisions at Galore Motors.

Eliminating Co2

Our duty

It is in our responsibility to ensure the well being of our planet and to push those around us to do the same. We are responsible for moving our workforce forward, for choosing responsible partners, and ensuring integrity in all areas of our business.